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    Kanghui Petrochemical passed on-site inspection and acceptance of environmental protection
    Source: | Author:99kanghui | date:2016-08-24 | 11009 Views: | Share:


    On the morning of August 21st, Yingkou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Chief Secretary Li Tiegang and Xianrendao Environmental Protection Bureau Director Wen Yuzhu who accompanied with the former deputy director of the National Environmental Protection Department Emergency Center Zhang Zhimin, the National Environmental Protection Department expert members Li Zhun, Wang Xiaohua and other 7 people came to Kanghui Petrochemical for environmental protection on-site inspection. They mainly checked PBT-V poly building, packaging workshop building, the sewage treatment station and other places. The general manager of the company Liu Jian introduced the process procedure and operation of environmental protection facilities, and detailed answered questions of the expert members. The experts gave a high evaluation to Kanghui Petrochemical for environmental protection facilities operating status and prospective environmental philosophy. They all agreed that Kanghui Petrochemical passed on-site verification and acceptance of environmental protection.

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