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    Xianren Island Management Committee came to Kanghui for the safety inspection before the Labor’s Day
    Source: | Author:99kanghui | date:2018-04-28 | 12456 Views: | Share:
    On the evening of April 26th, Duan Xuhua, director of Xianren Island Energy and Chemical Zone Management Committee led a team to Kanghui for the safety inspection before the Labor’s Day.
    Director Duan Xuhua came to the PBT packaging workshop and inspected the work of safety and environmental protection in the workshop. They are highly appreciated the clean and orderly production site of Kanghui Petrochemical.
    Director Duan Xuhua affirmed the efforts and achievements of Kanghui Petrochemical in safety production and environmental management. She proposed that as a modern enterprise, Kanghui Petrochemical should continue to strengthen the safety production and environmental protection management, improve the safety quality and environmental awareness of the employees, actively promote the hidden danger and check the management action to ensure the production safety without accident during the holiday period, and make the enterprise safe and steady development.
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